Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mommy's Night Out...

My friend Leslie got tickets to the Cold Play Concert last night
and she invited {lucky} me to go with her!!!
I would not have called myself a Cold Play fan...
I knew who they were and a few of their songs, but that was about it.
{I don't even have any of their songs on my iPod}
But all that changed after seeing their show...

{they ventured out into the lawn and played 3 or 4 songs out there...who does that???}

This is probably the BEST concert I have been to!!!
{and I knew way more of their songs than I thought}
I am now a proud owner of one of their CD's
(given free at the show last cool is that!)
And I am working on getting their songs onto my iPod.
So THANK YOU Leslie for a great Mommy's Night Out!!! :)

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