Friday, July 31, 2009

Healthy Eating...

Since moving away from San Diego {and back to TX} about 4 years ago, Mike & I have adopted some un-healthy eating habits.
It started with not having had good BBQ for 4 1/2 years and went down hill from there!
We took for granted how much easier it is to eat healthy in CA!

Now that Avery is eating table food, I have become much more aware of how poorly we eat.
So, I am really trying to get us back on track to eat healthy,
not only for ourselves but to set a good example for Avery as well.

So, if anyone has any tips to help me in my quest to makeover our diet, feel free to share!!!


  1. I am a firm follower of the Superfoods rx lifestyle. Search "superfoods" or "live whole" on my blog for my viewpoints! (enter the word in the search box on the top left, then click on the label at the end of the posts to bring up all posts in that category!) Happy healthy eating!

  2. I make A LOT of stir fry. So fast. For lunch we usually eat steamed rice and I stir fry garlic, broccoli and soy sauce. My 2 yr old loves it and I eat a TON of whatever veggie we make a just a small amount of rice. So easy! Goodluck!

  3. excited to follow you here! :)

  4. The detox is back at Surya Center for Yoga in September! I'm definitely signing up again... I know what you mean about healthy eating in San Diego vs Texas! :-P I love your blog! xoxo,Jaime


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