Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Have you read this blog?? If not, get ready to be inspired...but a warning, you will need a tissue box near by!
Stephanie {AKA Nie Nie} will be on Oprah today...
my DVR is set & a fresh box of tissues is waiting!
On to other random stuff...
As I was driving home last night from my Pi Phi Alum Meeting,
I saw this sitting on our neighbors curb...
Of course, I had to stop and get it...
M is totally making fun of me, but come on it's a little rocker in perfectly good shape...with a couple coats of paint it will be adorable!! And Avery LOVES rocking chairs!
No need to send that to the landfill!
How cute is this coat I just picked up at Target!?!?
{I had to go to THREE to get it in this color in my size!!}

Don't these reusable bags make you WANT to go grocery shopping??
I LOVE them!
You can get your own at Pier 1...

That's it for now...

Have a GREAT Wednesday!


  1. cute, cute, cute... and I can't wait for Oprah!

  2. I love Nie Nie!! watching her on Oprah was so touching.

  3. Love that rocking chair. I would have done the same thing and snatched it up while my hubby laughed at me. That's a pretty stylish little coat too...hmm....haven't seen that at my Target though. Maybe I can find it online?


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