Friday, February 19, 2010


Avery's favorite phrases lately are:
"let me do it"
or "Avery do it"...
I walked out of the room today while Avery was eating breakfast & about a minute later heard some rustling around. I knew that couldn't be a good sound so I rushed back to the kitchen to find this:She poured herself a bowl of cereal...
and the counter,
and some on the floor for the dogs!
For those of you that think leggos are just for building,
think again:
they also make a lovely pedestal cereal bowl...

with built in storage underneath!

Avery had been on a cleaning kick lately!
She LOVES to wipe off the counters...
and really goes to town!

Do you need some free entertainment for your toddler?
Check out this cute {& free} I Spy coloring printable!

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