Friday, November 6, 2009


We got to spend this Halloween in San Diego.
Avery had SO much fun hanging out with her cousins
and going trick-or-treating for the first time! {Our little bumble bee}

{Kaya the ladybug}

{SO excited to go trick-or-treating!}

{Avery & Kaya...ready to go}

{the first house}
I wish I had gotten a picture at the second soon as they opened the door, Avery walked right in like she ownedd the place and headed over to their front window to get a closer look at the giant owl decoration they had there.
It was pretty funny!

{Avery & Janner the train conductor}

{Avery's first lollipop}

{Mommy, Daddy & Avery}
check out the gorgeous San Diego sunset in the background!

After trick-or-treating, we headed back for our
spooky Halloween Supper...
{bloody brains with eyeballs and fingers on the side}

{and ice cream witches for dessert}
**More pictures from the rest of the trip coming soon!


  1. Her bee costume turned out SO CUTE! You did such a good job. I am cracking up that she walked in someones house...TOO FUNNY!!

  2. Too cute. That was lots of fun and all the old neighbors loved seeing the kids.

  3. oh what a cutie!!! did you come up with the halloween dinner treats too? so fun!! g also thought when the doors opened he was supposed to just walk on in! too fun!


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