Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dear Avery...

Today you are 22 months old! Here are some things I want to remember:
  • You say "Ses" for Yes (somtimes its "Ses I do" or "Ses I am")
  • You sing "Twinkle, Twinkle", "Rockingchair Baby", "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" & "Jingle Bells"...also "Shake Your Booty" and "Mama Mia"! And you think every song on the radio is The Beatles.
  • You LOVE being read to, especially the Madeline books (and you quote lines from the book like "something is not right!" amd "all girls cry boo hoo")
  • You love Thomas the Train and talk about him all the time, as well as talking about the trip to the Train Museum in San Diego.
  • You get really excited when you hear the trash truck coming down our street and run to the door saying "hurry, hurry!"
  • You are learning to use the little potty (yay!)
  • You like to color with crayons & colored pencils and paint with water colors, finger paints, and chalk paint on the driveway (good thing it rained today...the driveway was getting pretty full!)
  • You love going to gymnastics class...especially doing forward rolls, hanging on the bars and jumping in the pit.
  • You are very independant and want to do everything yourself
I can't believe that you are almost 2 years old!!
You are learning so much everyday and I am constantly amazed by the things you do!
I LOVE you Avery!!!!!
Love, Mommy


  1. Such a sweet post! I can't believe that TWO is right around the corner!!!

  2. I really really enjoyed Caroline at this age. Everything they say and do is just precious:)

  3. So adorable Aurora :)
    I wish we lived closer!


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