Friday, August 21, 2009

a day in the life of Avery

Just a little glimpse into our life.
This is how our day started... Avery climbed up & sat in her grocery cart.
Yep, legs through and everything!
of course she did this for a reason...
so that she could reach her CD's & CD player!

Next up, she got the trash can out of our bathroom
{luckily it was trash day and had just been emptied!}
She brought it into the kitchen and set it on top of the dish towel...that I was using to clean up the water she had just spilled.
Then she just climbed right in...

Avery then found her kitties...
and another basket to climb in...

Wedged between the sofa and table
{with the kitties of course}
On to her tunnel...
and her favorite pink chairs...

she thought it was hilarious to make the kitties sit like people!

time for a yoga break...
down dog!
Then she found the laundry basket and decided to put it over her head...
after dumping all the laundry out in our bathroom!

doing a little walking with the basket on her head...why not!?
kisses for Bailey...

hmmm...maybe I should just climb in with the dogs!
{notice the kitties watching everything}

Night Night!!!


  1. What a cute post!! I love that she is such a little monkey and in to everything!! :)

  2. These are hilarious pics! So, Aurora, you're not exhausted or anything like that, right????
    Thanks for sending me your blog.
    It was great to have your Mom visit us in Co.
    Hope to you all someday soon!
    Shelly O.

  3. She looks so happy!! I think she is a Kitty Cat! The pics are hilarious and I bet you are not a bit exhausted!?!?!? Thanks for sending me your blog.
    Shelly O.


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