Sunday, August 30, 2009

30 meals in 30 days {DAY 12}---breakfast

cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting ninety minute cinnamon rolls
this recipe was fairly easy,
and the results were definitely yummy!
even better when topped with
cream cheese frosting
{my absolute FAVORITE frosting}
I used a recipe I found on
and I have to share part of the post, just because it made me laugh out loud!
"Cream cheese frosting, you see, is the best frosting out there, and I have stumbled across the end-all, be-all recipe for it. Strangely enough, it's been under my nose this whole time in my trusty Joy of Cooking cookbook for years. I just never noticed it. At first I didn't trust it because it seemed way too easy compared to "fancier" recipes that make you think you need to be Ina Garten to make it, but this recipe is almost so easy, even Sandra Lee could make it. Ouch. Was that too harsh? See, that's how easy this recipe is."
Here's the recipe:
8oz cold cream cheese
5Tbsp softened butter
2tsp vanilla
2-4C powdered sugar {I used 2 and thought it was plenty sweet}
Beat cold cream cheese (not rock solid, but it means you can use it straight out of the refrigerator) with softened butter and vanilla until combined.
Gradually add 2 c. powdered sugar that has been sifted after measuring.
Continue to add more sifted powdered sugar until you reach a consistency and sweetness that fits your taste.

This recipe was also Avery approved!

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