Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Avery...

Today you are 2 1/2!!! I can't believe that after today, you are officially closer to 3 than 2...crazy!

Here are some of my favorite things about you these days:

Sayings -
"Hold you me" when you want to be picked up
"let me do _____ for juuuust a second" or "juuust a minute" {usually when you are trying to stall}
"Look! It's like the same"
"Happy to you" for Happy Birthday

You are super creative and can play by yourself for a looooong time!
I love listening to the things you are saying as you play with your cars or stuffed animals.
You like to make everyone talk, and use different voices for different things.
{Of course everytime I try to catch this on video, you immediately stop}
You have such an imagination.

You also L-O-V-E coloring...crayons, markers, paints, chalk on the driveway, you love it all!

You are super active, and always on the move.
You love to run! I'm amazed sometimes by how far you can go without definitely did not get the running gene from mommy!!!
And singing and dancing are high up on your list of fun things to do too.
Along with swimming, where you have no fear. You will jump right in the pool and splash around, and you are getting really good at using your water wings.

Funny Quirks:
You like to crawl inside Daddy's shirt...while he is wearing it! {see here}
You have a very specific bedtime routine that includes reading a book, then running to your room and hiding for Daddy to find you, then getting in bed getting a kiss "through the window", standing to get a kiss and hug and finally getting covered long as ALL of your "friends" are in bed too!

Favorite Foods -
grilled cheese sandwiches
refried beans & chips
bagels with cream cheese
apple juice

We LOVE you baby girl!
Happy Half Birthday!!!

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