Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Did It!!!!!

Anyone remember THIS??
Yup, that would be the quilt along that I joined...LAST JUNE!
And now, almost a year later...
I have finished Avery's quilt!
{obviously, I did not "quilt along"}
The top squares have been sewn into rows,
the rows have been sewn into a quilt top,
the quilt top, filling and backing have been quilted together,
the binding has been sewn on,
it has been washed so that it is nice and crinkly...
and tonight Avery is sleeping under her brand new quilt!!!



  1. It is gorgeous!! Is that some Tanya Whelan fabric too?! Beautiful!

  2. Thank you Brittanie! I'm SO happy with the way it turned out. And yes, lots of Tanya Whelan fabrics in it...I just love the vintage look to her fabrics. :)

  3. Yay! Guess who hasn't finished their's from last June!


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