Wednesday, March 10, 2010

what do you do...

...when your daughter LOVES trains & cars?
And chooses Cars fabric for her travel pillow?
you get it of course...then you do your best to girly up the pillow with ruffles,
polka dots, applique initials & hearts...
then you try to girly her up by taking her for her first pedicure
{notice she is holding a car!}
really Mommy wanted a pedicure...
{only the second one since she was born 2 years ago!}
...and had no babysitter :)
Should I be worried that the color she picked
is called heartbreaker?


  1. I loved cars & trucks when I was little! I used to play with my dad's old metal trunks from when he was a boy all the time. And look how girly I turned out :) Don't worry! Love the heartbreaker color, too! :)


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